Paradigm Equity Group (PEG or Paradigm) was founded on a simple principal- we invest in companies, people, and ideas that generate above average risk adjusted returns for investors while creating positive change and value in the marketplace. 

Our current investments are focused on real estate redevelopment, alternative energy efficiency and generation, and next generation financial service offerings.  We are not limited to any particular industry but generally focus in markets undergoing significant restructuring, change or growth.  We will consider investing in deal sizes as small as $25,000 and as large $10,000,000.

We prefer to work with people and companies at an early stage and invest smaller amounts while also providing strategic & functional support to help build smarter, financially efficient companies. Our role can be as little as a position on the advisory board and as large as 10 hours per week of assistance with key critical path business issues and strategic decision making.  Each investment is handled differently.

PEG’s investment philosophy is routed in value investing principals but with an entrepreneurial drive.

The majority of PEG and it’s partner companies’ investments must meet very strict value oriented principals.  However, the company is experienced in finding financially efficient ways to engage in earlier stage projects while mitigating risk.  PEG will invest along side other equity funds or angel investors at various life cycle stages of the investment.

Please see our Resources/Commentary page for highlights of our occasional white papers and our market commentary on different industries and sectors we are either invested in or researching.

Macroeconomic opportunities, deep strategic & financial analysis, & a socially responsible vision provide the foundation to PEG’s value investing approach